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Yucky Pink Eye!! Here’s How To Get Rid Of It Fast

Yucky Pink Eye!!

Here’s How To Get Rid Of It Fast

There are actually a few different causes for pink eye: viral, allergic, and bacterial.



Viral pink eye is not treatable but usually goes away within a week or so.


Allergic pink eye is not contagious.

You can treat it with over-the-counter allergy medication or eye drops.

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But, it will continue as long as you’re in contact with the allergen.


Bacterial pink eye produces more mucus than the two other types.

For this type, you should see a doctor for prescription antibiotics.


You can also use lubricating eye-drops or a warm washcloth to reduce the symptoms.

Omg! Did I Break My Toe? How To Determine If Your Toe Is Actually Broken

Omg! Did I Break My Toe?

Determine If It’s Actually A Broken Toe

Is there anything worse than stubbing your toe?

We’ve all been there. In that moment of blinding pain, you’re sure you’ve got a broken toe.

broken toe

Watch For Signs

If it starts bruising, swelling or becomes discolored, it’s time to see a medical provider.


Your toe could be sitting at an incorrect angle or pulled out of alignment. It could be a fracture, which could lead to arthritis.


Your provider will x-ray your foot and determine the ideal steps to ensure proper healing. It may be a simple fix of a boot, or something as serious as surgery.

The sooner you find out, the better your chance of proper healing.


Flu Vs. Cold: What’s The Difference?

Can’t tell the difference between the flu and a cold? Don’t feel bad. They’re both respiratory illnesses, but different viruses cause them.

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It can be tough to differentiate the two. In fact, you need to get tested within the first few days of illness to know for sure.

Generally, though, the flu is much worse than the common cold. In fact, the flu can result in serious health concerns, like pneumonia.


Cold symptoms are usually milder, like a stuffy nose and fatigue.

The Center For Disease Control created this awesome chart to understand the symptoms:

What is the difference between a cold and flu?

Here’s the cold vs. flu takeaway:

If it’s a cold, it’s gradual. The flu is more abrupt.

Fever is very rare for a cold, whereas it’s usual for the flu.

Aches, chills, and fatigue are regular with the flu.

Stuffy nose, sneezing, and sore throat: a few symptoms more common for the flu.

As always, see your provider if you’re feeling feverish, achy, and fatigued.

Urgent Care Vs. Emergency Care: Which One Do I Need?

Urgent Care Vs. Emergency Care:

Which One Do I Need?

You don’t want to be struggling over the decision of urgent care vs. emergency care in a moment of panic.

Frantic decisions can sometimes be the difference between life and death.

When a health scare happens, it’s good to know which option is best for you and your family.

Urgent Care

When a medical issue arises outside of normal business hours, urgent care is an option.

In fact, 90% of urgent care patients wait 30 minutes or less to see a provider.

If it’s a fracture, blood work, fever, stitches, cold or flu, urgent care is an excellent choice.

The majority of urgent care patients are in and out within an hour, and most take insurance.

Emergency Care

If it’s an emergency, go to the ER.

Conditions like chest pain, head trauma, loss of vision, or slurred speech are better served at an ER.

These conditions can need emergency treatment, like surgery.

Calling 911

When considering calling 911, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Never drive yourself if you’re having severe symptoms, like chest pain or vision loss.

The Room Is Spinning! What Does Dizziness Mean?

Feeling dizzy? Does it get worse when you move your head? It could be vertigo. That’s a classic symptom of this particular type of dizziness.


When is the last time you drank water? When you’re dehydrated, your blood pressure can drop quickly, making you feel woozy.


It could also be an ear infection caused by a virus. In cases like this, your ears may ring, and you might feel nauseous.

It could also be a low blood sugar issue. If you are diabetic, or even pre-diabetic, glucose and insulin imbalances can occur.

Poor circulation can also lead to serious dizziness issues. Blood clots or clogged arteries can cause low blow flow to the brain.


Sometimes dizziness is a side-effect of medication. Are you taking anything new? Antibiotics, anti-depressants, and sedatives can all cause dizziness.


The bottom line: If you feel dizzy, you should get medical attention immediately.

Your provider will know how to best combat those dizzy spells.

Affinity announces price cut for all self-pay patients

In our continuing effort to provide you with the highest quality health care at the most affordable prices, Affinity Urgent Care has lowered its per-visit price for self-pay (non-insurance) patients to $95.

Affinity is focused on ensuring each and every member of our local community has access to affordable health care services delivered in a caring and professional manner. Our mission is to make this a reality and that’s the reason we’ve lowered our prices from $115 to $95 for those paying for our services out of their own pockets.

For more information on this pricing change, please don’t hesitate to call Affinity at 866-905-2029.

Affinity launches new online appointment system

To better serve our patients and make it easier to fit coming to our clinics into your busy schedule, Affinity Urgent Care has launched a new online appointment system that allows you to skip the wait by registering for your visit online.

Simply visit our website at http://www.AffinityDrs.com and look for the Skip The Wait box on the right-side of each page. Click on the button titled “Reserve Your Place In Line” to be taken to another page where you can actually check on wait times at each clinic before you make your reservation.

Click on the blue “Get In Line Now” button underneath the clinic you plan to visit and fill out the form on the subsequent page. That’s all there is to it. You can even receive a text before your visit to confirm your appointment.

Affinity’s online appointment system is powered by ClockwiseMD, a leading a provider of healthcare information technology that is pioneering the use of tech tools for doctor offices and clinics.

Click here to go directly to the online appointment page.

Urgent Care Center provide excellent care at practical prices

Waiting in the emergency room isn’t always easy or pleasant. Most often it’s very time-consuming; waiting rooms can make anyone feel uncomfortable. Visiting an urgent care center like Affinity Urgent Care may be a better option. Urgent care centers often operate on a more timely basis and can provide many of the same services that an emergency department in a hospital can offer, but at charges that are substantially less.

Urgent care facilities can help patients with a wide variety of health complications. They are able to treat many conditions and if necessary, can recommend qualified specialists to manage more complicated conditions.

For example, a rare cancer like mesothelioma probably will not be diagnosed in an urgent care facility, but it might be suspected. Many mesothelioma patients walk into a clinic feeling chest pain and coughing – thinking they might have a respiratory infection. But after an exam and discussion with a medical care provider, he or she might be referred on to see a more specialized physician.

The conversation between you and the specialist can make all the difference. If you are experiencing respiratory problems and know you’ve been exposed to asbestos, that information can significantly help the doctor evaluate your condition. Make sure to mention all symptoms experienced and explain your medical history.

How to Improve Your Visit

Though it is rare, an urgent care center may get backed up caring for patients thus resulting in a slightly longer wait than anticipated. Please be assured, the medical staff is concerned about any delays incurred in accessing care. If a delay should arise, there are several things that can be done to help you relax and maintain a positive perspective. If you’re feeling discomfort because of your medical condition, finding a distraction can be very helpful. In most instances your wait will be less than 20 minutes after your registration is completed.

Before visiting an emergency care facility (like a hospital Emergency Room), prepare yourself for the expected. You will likely have some waiting time and patience will be needed. If you’re walking in with a serious injury that needs immediate attention, the facility will make sure you get just that. The workers on staff will recognize when a true emergency patient needs to be treated before patients with less serious, non-life threatening conditions. If you’re in the waiting room and someone who came in after you gets seen first, try to understand that his or her needs may be more critical.

Recognize that urgent care centers provide valuable medical services and help thousands of patients every day. The next time you’re not feeling well or need immediate medical care for a non-life threatening condition, Affinity Urgent Care is prepared to provide prompt, high quality, cost efficient medical care.

Bio: Jensen Whitmer has been writing for the Mesothelioma Center for more than three years and he has an interest in spreading awareness about the hazardous effects of asbestos exposure.