The Room Is Spinning! What Does Dizziness Mean?

Feeling dizzy? Does it get worse when you move your head? It could be vertigo. That’s a classic symptom of this particular type of dizziness.


When is the last time you drank water? When you’reĀ dehydrated, your blood pressure can drop quickly, making you feel woozy.


It could also be an ear infection caused by a virus. In cases like this, your ears may ring, and you might feel nauseous.

It could also be a low blood sugar issue. If you are diabetic, or even pre-diabetic, glucose and insulin imbalances can occur.

Poor circulation can also lead to serious dizziness issues. Blood clots or clogged arteries can cause low blow flow to the brain.


Sometimes dizziness is a side-effect of medication. Are you taking anything new? Antibiotics, anti-depressants, and sedatives can all cause dizziness.


The bottom line: If you feel dizzy, you should get medical attention immediately.

Your provider will know how to best combat those dizzy spells.