Meet Our Providers

Lewis Landsman, PA

Lewis is a Physician Assistant, having graduated from UTMB in 2000. In addition to his fifteen years of experience in family medicine; Lewis started practicing cosmetic medicine in 2004 and has performed thousands of cosmetic procedures. He has expertise in the latest techniques of facial sculpting using facial fillers, and Botox. He employs many different types of fillers to accomplish the desired result for each individual patient.

Cosmetic medicine is an art and Lewis has acquired an eye for the subtle changes necessary to achieve a youthful and more beautiful appearance. He has trained with the best-known names in the cosmetic industry and is certified to perform multiple cutting-edge therapies such as Fraxel laser, Vampire Facelift, the O-shot, the P-shot, and PRP hair loss therapy and many more.

Lewis resides in Galveston, Texas with his wife of 23 years, Monica Landsman. He is a father of five children, enjoys fishing, hunting, and seeks to be involved in his community.

“While growing up, my father was an optometrist in Alvin and was very involved in our community. His strong work ethic and passion to help people inspired me to get involved in the medical field. I couldn’t be happier – I love what I do.”