Join The Fight: World Hepatitis Day 2019

Worldwide, 300 million people are living with viral hepatitis and don’t even know it.
Without finding the undiagnosed, millions will continue to suffer.

On World Hepatitis Day, we’re joining the initiative to find the “missing millions”.
World Hepatitis Day 2019 is on Sunday, July 28th.

It’s a chance for the public, the affected community, medical professionals and policy makers to come together.

In 2016, every country in the world signed up to end viral hepatitis by 2030. But currently, only 12 countries are on track to do this.

Viral hepatitis kills more than 1.34 million people each year, more than HIV/AIDs or Malaria.

But, there is a cure for hepatitis C. Also, there are vaccines and treatment for hepatitis B.
The 4,000 deaths each day caused by viral hepatitis are preventable.

This is what the World Hepatitis Alliance had to say about it:

“We are at a critical juncture. Unless we take action now, our chance to eliminate a cancer-causing illness will be missed. On WHD 2018, we are calling on all individuals and organizations to unite under the theme of “Eliminate Hepatitis” to drive action, build momentum and hold governments accountable. Only together can we eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030.”

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