It’s National Autism Awareness Month!

It’s National Autism Awareness Month!

This month represents an excellent opportunity to promote autism awareness.

Let’s look at the facts: 

More than 3.5 million Americans live with an autism spectrum disorder. (Buescher et al., 2014)
Prevalence of autism in U.S. children increased by 119.4 percent from 2000 (1 in 150) to 2010 (1 in 68). (CDC, 2014) Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability. (CDC, 2008)

The Autism Society defines autism as:

“A complex developmental disability; signs typically appear during early childhood and affect a person’s ability to communicate, and interact with others.”
ASD is a “spectrum condition” that affects individuals differently and to varying degrees.
Currently, there is no known single cause of autism.
Autism is treatable. Studies show that early diagnosis and intervention lead to improved outcomes.

The CDC’s “Learn the Signs. Act Early” site has excellent resources for childhood development. Here are some signs to look for:

  • Lack of or delay in spoken language
  • Repetitive use of language and/or motor mannerisms (e.g., hand-flapping, twirling objects)
  • Little or no eye contact
  • Lack of interest in peer relationships
  • Lack of spontaneous or make-believe play
  • Persistent fixation on parts of objects


Put on the Puzzle!

National Autism Awareness Month
The Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon is the most recognized symbol of the autism community in the world.
Show your support for National Autism Awareness Month by wearing the Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon – as a pin on your shirt, a magnet on your car, a badge on your blog, or even your Facebook profile picture – and educate folks on the potential of people with autism!
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