Flu Prevention Tips

Simple & Sensible Flu Prevention Tips

Flu PreventionJust when you got used to wearing a mask and washing your hands for 20 seconds, here comes flu season and another highly infectious illness to worry about. Much like COVID-19, seasonal influenza (the flu) is passed through respiratory droplets that are produced when we speak, cough, and sneeze. No need to panic, however—with a little common sense, you can help prevent the flu and keep your family safe this season.

Get Your Flu Shot

Getting a flu shot is the single best way to prevent the flu. And while it is possible to catch the virus after receiving a flu shot, your symptoms will likely be much less severe than if you had not been vaccinated. Affinity Urgent Care provides flu shots to adults and children on a walk in basis—stop by today!

Keep Your Distance

Sound familiar? When possible, try to stay at least six feet away from others at the grocery store, gym, park, and other public places.

Wash Your Hands Regularly

The flu is considered to be an airborne illness, but it is often spread through physical contact and by touching frequently used surfaces. Washing your hands regularly can help rinse viruses and other germs down the drain.

An Apple a Day…

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can help bolster your immune system—your body’s defense against the flu virus—and keep you healthy. Try incorporating foods with immune-boosting vitamins C, B6, and E into your diet.

For flu shots, flu testing, and flu treatment, Affinity Urgent Care is here to help. Contact our friendly professionals today to learn more. Our team is proud to serve adults and children at our clinics in La Marque, Alvin, and Galveston, Texas.