FAQ: COVID-19 Antibody Test

  1. Who is the Manufacturer for the COVID-19 Antibody test? Confirm Bioscience, https://www.confirmbiosciences.com/covid-19-resources/
  2. What is the accuracy of the antibody test? The manufacturer is reporting 90-95% accuracy in verification testing
  3. What is the benefit of this test? This test is used to indicate whether a person has been infected with Coronavirus but cannot determine if they have active disease. A negative test does not rule out active disease, further testing is required for that.
  4. Is it a real test or a fake test? It is a real test currently pending FDA approval with many others. Application to the FDA has been completed by the manufacturer.
  5. Why does it get reported to the state? County and State Health Departments are requiring reporting for monitoring of the extent of the disease spread.
  6. How long does the test take? 10-15 minutes once the sample is collected.
  7. Can I use my insurance? No, insurance will not cover the cost until FDA approval.
  8. Can anyone get the antibody test? Yes!