Healthy and Fun Mother’s Day Activities

It’s almost Mother’s Day! Instead of going out to dinner, here are a few unique ideas to get your family out of the house and celebrating mom!


1) Go for a Picnic – It’s a great way to plan healthy snacks in advance. It also gets your family outside, active and enjoying the fresh air and mom.


2) Go for a family hike – Enjoy the local scenery, listen to the sounds of nature and break out the camera! A hike or bike through your area is a great way to spend time together doing something everyone can enjoy.


3) Organize a family softball game – Bring out the competitive side of your family dynamic. Meet up at the public baseball field and make it a Mother’s Day she’ll always remember.


4) Go for a beach day – The beach is a great place to play games, enjoy the salty air, and spend time with mom.


5) Go to the zoo! – The zoo is a great place to get some steps in, enjoy nature and wildlife, and create new memories.